Sunday, April 22, 2012

The one where I say hello

This is one blog I never thought I'd ever set up. Not really. Hoped I would, but never really held out hope.

Wow, that's a positive way to begin a blog...

The Penned Fox is mainly for my readers. I wanted to post something away from my braindump blog that could be dedicated to just my writing, my thoughts on writing, observations on this new path called Published as opposed to still being an "author hopeful." I want to do things like join the Six Sentence Sunday meme and feature some of my WIP's.

This whole thing has been interesting. Part of me is still rather stunned that overnight I went from hopeful to being offered a publishing contract. After I sent all of my information in, signed the contract and accepted NNP's offer, all weekend I was wringing my hands and half-expecting an email along the lines of, "Sorry, we've made a horrible mistake..."

And interestingly enough, all of my embarrassment and insecurity over talking about my writing to people has vanished. I used to feel somewhat silly talking about it as if it were a real thing instead of the unreachable pipe dream it felt like. Was I fooling myself? Was I refusing to see reality?

Thankfully, no.

Instead of going on about the whole, "don't stop believin'" and such, I see it more as always having faith in yourself. We all have an inborn gift, a genius. Fostering that genius gets us closer to uncovering our genuine selves, and you can definitely find my genuine self in my writing.


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