Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #2

It's another Six Sentence Sunday! My apologies for missing last week's; it was so crazy here in my non-writing life that I think I spaced it until after the sign-up was already closed.

Just my luck, yes?

Anyway, I was doing a little digging a couple of weeks ago and found about 8000 words of a story I had started about three years ago. It ended up buried beneath a mountain of homework and 80+ hours a week at work. Then there was a baby, and those little bundles of joy are also little brain matter vaporizers.

And so this little piece languished until I unearthed it. While still trying to decide where to go with it, I decided to toss it up for SSS this week.

The story is a runaway slave named Ravaise whose past has caught up with her after two years of freedom. She knows the stakes, and she knows what will happen if she continues to run. On the other hand, she also remembers the torture and humiliation of her years as property serving a petty tyrant whose entire power base was in possessing the biggest and the best.

And Rave was the best that got away.

"Do you know what love means for a concubine?" She shuddered. "Do you know what freedom means to slaveborn, my love? I swore myself to you, but I will not allow you to destroy them for this."

Zhandar was poison with its rapacious lords and grasping merchant princes in a rotted den of Old Guard fighting like starving dogs against the New Regime, but it was a poison she had taken in with her mother's milk. "If I must, I will go back with him."

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed what is only the beginning of Rave's difficulties, the poor thing. Stop by Six Sentence Sunday for more snippets from awesome writers, and I'll see you next week!

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